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Three years after . . .

Well, now, I didn’t expect to be away from this blog that long. To say that a lot has happened since then, would be quite an understatement. Let’s see now . . . I went on an island adventure , turned 30, broke my ankle and spent about three months on crutches, got back on my feet, got a proper camera and went on a shooting craze, shot a wedding (or two), went to Baguio for my cousin’s PMA graduation, got a new job, well transferring to a new job that has better pay (and ensures I get to keep my new expensive hobby of photography). 

That’s it. 

Okay, not really. However, I do plan to post more here. Maybe a photo or two. We’ll see . . .


Song of the Week: “Sweet Spot” by Kyler England

One of the best parts in the entire Otalia storyline, aside from the brilliant and sensitive writing, plus wonderful acting, is the music. I absolutely love the music choices used! So in the next few weeks, don’t be surprised if the songs I post here are all from what the Purple Peeps up at the BPD forums have fondly dubbed as the Otalia Music.

Great storyline. Great acting. Great music . . . no wonder, I’m addicted, LOL.

First up is “Sweet Spot” by Kyler England. Enjoy!

For more of Kyler England’s music, visit her myspace page:


Song of the Week: “Only Love” by Kati Mac

The theme song of Guiding Light. Enjoy!

ah damn!

After weeks of basically ignoring the literal downpour of Otalia fic that was showing up every single day on my Livejournal Friend’s list, I finally bended to the inevitable. Resistance is futile and I’m now hopelessly hooked to this surprisingly wonderful storyline. I say surprising, because I’ve never been a fan of soap operas (local or abroad), but this one pulled me right in. Hook, line and sinker.

The soap opera is called Guiding Light and I would have never known about its existence if not for the persistence of fics regularly passing my LJ friend’s list (I’m looking at you, P&P people). Unfortunately, I’m a very curious person and despite my hesitations, I finally decided to hit Youtube yesterday morning to see what all the fuss was about. By the time I was finished catching up, it was already two o’clock the next day.

Oh, dear, I feel another obsession coming on.

The writing for the Otalia storyline is for lack of a better term, utterly brilliant. And the execution is excellent. I wasn’t expecting that from a soap. No siree. It’s one of the most beautiful love stories I’ve ever come across in any television show or movie for that matter. And the sense of humor is just perfect.

Two people who hated each other’s guts, but due to some unfortunate circumstances are thrust together and in time somehow develop this deep friendship that morphs into love without them realizing it. The love story is so brilliantly written, it’s hard not to root for the pair of would-be lovers. You just can’t help but hope the writers give them that happy ending. After a bit of angst that is.

Some people won’t like it (the storyline/Otalia), of course, but then they’d be missing the point, wouldn’t they?

EDIT: I finally figured out at least one reason why the Otalia storyline fascinates me. It reminds me of the Conqueror genre in Xena fanfics, which I’ve always loved. All that redemption stuff and about this real love that changes everything.

Photoblog: “The Rocking Chair”

Taken last year in Tanauan, Leyte and also serves as my blog header.

The Rocking Chair by N. Cayanong

The Rocking Chair by N. Cayanong

Murphy’s Law? I think not . . .

Had the most interesting day yesterday. It was supposed to be my final presentation of a web project, so my feelings ran from excited to extreme nervousness. I hate doing presentations. Not that it will stop me from doing them, of course. Not much of a choice there.

In any case, I was so nervous I was actually praying for the electricity to go out. And just when me and a fellow programmer, who was also presenting his project that day, finished setting up the projector, the lights did go out. It was kinda funny when we both pumped our fists in the air and shouted “Yes!” at the same time. LOL . . . turns out he was praying for brown out as well!

The electricity was out for most of the day. Only returning for a couple of hours in the afternoon, which turned out pretty interesting as well.

There’s been rumors about the office space that is taken up by the MIS Division as having either an enkanto or a ghost, either way, I had a first hand experience of a supernatural kind that same afternoon.

I had transferred my workspace to a new location within the office and had basically dumped my co-worker’s (who was transferred to a different division that day) old workstation on my previous table by the door. We didn’t re-attach the parts, so wires and power cords where a bit of a mess.

The lights had gone back at the time and I was working out a problem with a server connection with the help of one of my co-workers, the same programmer mentioned above. Another one of my co-workers was also in the room, writing something.

Anyway, there we were trying to solve the problem, when all of a sudden, one of the power cords that was on top of the monitor fell down onto the table. We all kinda glanced at it, but otherwise did nothing. I looked at it and tried to decide whether or not to place it back, but since the power cord looked like it fell to a better position than the last. It cetainly didn’t look like it would fall again, at least. So, I turned my attention back to the problem at hand. A few seconds later, the same power cord, impossibly enough, fell to the floor.

This was from a position that would have been rather impossible for it to slide down from the table . . . at least without help. I think I was a few seconds away from running away. My programmer friend had no such compunctions and proceeded to go out of the office post haste. My other co-worker was waiting to see what I would do. Frankly, if the damn cord had moved from it’s new position on the floor, I would have ran out of there dignity be damned.

Fortunately, whatever it was apparently decided it had enough fun at our expense and nothing else happened. I have to admit, it was pretty dang creepy and yet funny to see a grown man run out of there like the devil was chasing after him LOL.

In any case, the presentation was postponed till next Tuesday, wherein I’ll proceed to be nervous once again, but at least I’ll have most of a long weekend to calm those nerves and double-check that the website is working a-ok. Hopefully, my first experience with the supernatural would also be the last.

Song of the Week: music mashups by Norwegian Recycling

This week we have the awesome mashups of a guy from Norway. I heard his music kinda by accident. Okay, I was bored at work and was basically clicking the “Stumble Upon” button every five minutes. His music mashup titled “How Six Songs Collide” came up and the title alone just made me click that darn play button. Let’s just say, I was hooked. Give it a hear:

HOW SIX SONGS COLLIDE by Norwegian Recycling

NO TAYLOR, NO SCAR by Norwegian Recycling

ACOUSTIC ALCHEMY by Norwegian Recycling

To hear more of his work, click on this link:



Song of the Week: “Captured” by Christian Bautista & Sitti

It’s been awhile since I’ve done one of these. Here’s a wonderful song that has managed to worm itself into my head this past week and has refused to leave since. It’s “Captured” as sung by Christian Bautista and Sitti Navarro. If you want to hear the original version (sung by Christopher Lawrence), you’ll hear it here: http://www.myspace.com/stonesthrowmusicdemos

Both versions are just wonderful. Enjoy!

Photoblog: “Darren: A Portrait”

A lucky shot of my nephew, actually sitting still long enough:

Photoblog: “A Splash of Color”

Yes, I suck at titles . . . forgive me . . .

A Splash of Color by N. Cayanong

A Splash of Color by N. Cayanong

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